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The Rhythm & Writing Program:
Handwriting For Kids

Kids are much smarter these days. The curricula are more advanced and much harder, and have often been modified to facilitate improved standardized test scores.

In the past, teachers spent weeks at a time teaching their kids to write. They taught how to form each letter individually, and their students practiced and practiced, until correct letter formations became automatic. These days however, teachers do not spend much time teaching handwriting.

When children don’t learn to form their letters correctly, they write slower, their hands get tired faster, and they have a harder time transitioning to cursive. Once they reach second grade, breaking inappropriate letter formation habits is almost impossible, and as they reach later grades, their handwriting difficulties impact their school performances because they have difficulty keeping up, and often miss critical information while taking notes.

Rhythm & Writing was designed for kids who need just a little extra assistance learning to write. Through the use of catchy phrases that are easy to remember, your child will enjoy learning to write....THE RIGHT WAY!!!

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Rhythm & Writing is a fun and effective program for parents, teachers, and other professionals to teach their kids to write!!

"Last school year (2017) I was given the wonderful opportunity to use Ms. Nikki’s program in my Kindergarten Class. I like the Pre-and Post-Assessments for comparing writing growth. The daily writing and rhythm exercises became a part of my class routine. When the students heard the music playing, they knew it was writing time and they would begin to sing along. The correct form of each letter was not limited to just the book but carried over into their daily writing in journals, classwork as well as homework. Currently, I have about five students in my First Grade Class who were in Kindergarten with me and used the program. I noticed that my previous students writing was much better than the other students. I asked myself why? Then I remembered, “Rhythm and Writing with the Get Right Crew!” I am so grateful that my class participated in this program and I would recommend it to students beginning to write, as I witness it continues on, especially with practice."

- Mrs. Tidwell, First Grade Teacher

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