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The Rhythm & Writing:
The Handwriting Program

Rhythm & Writing is an award-winning handwriting program developed by an Occupational Therapist, that teaches kids how to write.....THE RIGHT WAY!!! It’s perfect for kiddos just learning to write, those who need extra help learning to write, and those who don’t like to write!!! It’s effective with typically developing kids & can be adapted for those with special needs. It can be used during small-group and large-group instruction or provided one-on-one. Students may also eventually work independently to reinforce the handwriting skills mastered throughout the curriculum.

Correct letter formations are taught by The Get Write Crew, a diverse group of animals who teach with rhymes, music, and lyric videos. There’s Big Country bear who strums the guitar; Mo Rock monkey who bangs the drums; Jazzy Faith bunny who works the keys and sings; and Hip Hop frog the lyricist, who rocks the mic real nice. Kids LOVE them because they make learning to write FUN!!!

The Get Write Crew

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Rhythm & Writing: How It Works

Handwriting Workbook

The Rhythm & Writing workbook is divided into episodes that include letters made similarly, beginning with the letters that are easiest to form. Each chapter begins with a story that introduces letter formations, then proceeds to Learn & Practice pages, where each stroke is practiced, progressing from tracing to writing letters independently. Rhythm & Writing is easy to use, and the perfect addition to your curriculum and/or therapeutic repertoire:

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Rhythm & Writing requires no training beyond reading the "Steps to Success." Read & follow the steps, and you'll be ready to teach your kiddos to write....THE RIGHT WAY!!!

rhythm and writing steps to success


Begin the program with your child completing the Pre-Assessment to determine which letters he/she is having difficulties with. Once complete, decide if you want to focus only on difficult letters or complete the entire program.

rhythm and writing pre-assessment


GO IN ORDER! Episodes proceed from easiest formations to the most difficult, and the simplest strokes are taught first. Repeat each episode as needed, until the letters included within that section are mastered. If necessary, begin each handwriting session reviewing the letters worked on previous days.

NOTE: Make this curriculum fun! Begin each session with the Rhythm & Writing theme song and let your kiddos let loose before getting started.


Lyric Videos

Our lyric videos show our kiddos how letters are formed with music including the letter formation rhymes introduced in the stories. THIS IS WHAT MAKES OUR PROGRAM UNIQUE!!!


Once the program is complete, have your kids complete the post-assessment, compare it to their pre-assessment, then repeat the episodes including the letters of difficulty as needed. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!!!


rhythm and writing post-assessment

Participating Schools


"Last school year (2017) I was given the wonderful opportunity to use Ms. Nikki’s program in my Kindergarten Class. I like the Pre-and Post-Assessments for comparing writing growth. The daily writing and rhythm exercises became a part of my class routine. When the students heard the music playing, they knew it was writing time and they would begin to sing along. The correct form of each letter was not limited to just the book but carried over into their daily writing in journals, classwork as well as homework. Currently, I have about five students in my First Grade Class who were in Kindergarten with me and used the program. I noticed that my previous students writing was much better than the other students. I asked myself why? Then I remembered, “Rhythm and Writing with the Get Right Crew!” I am so grateful that my class participated in this program and I would recommend it to students beginning to write, as I witness it continues on, especially with practice."

- Mrs. Tidwell, First Grade Teacher

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