About Rhythm & Writing

Created by an Occupational Therapist, Rhythm & Writing provides parents, teachers, and other professionals easy & effective strategies to teach their students & kids to write properly. It includes a pre-assessment, lessons & practice pages with similarly-formed letters, instructional videos, and a post-assessment to facilitate and demonstrate the learning experience.

Rhythm & Writing uses catchy phrases to teach kids to form letters correctly
  • With repetition, your child will remember the phrases & learn to form the letters correctly
Rhythm & Writing includes a pre-assessment & a post-assessment
  • Use the pre-assessment to determine which letters your child has difficulty with
  • Choose individual lessons that focus on difficult letters, or complete the entire program
  • Use the post-assessment to demonstrate the progress your child has made
Rhythm & Writing episodes include letters made similarly, beginning with the easiest letters
  • Summary pages introduce correct formations using catchy phrases your child will remember
  • Encourage your child to use an appropriate pencil grasp & stay inside the lines while coloring
Learn & Practice pages are included within each episode
  • Green, yellow, & red lines encourage correct sizing & placement of letters
  • Every stroke in every letter is practiced
  • Your child will progress from tracing letters to writing them independently
Repeat each episode until letter formations are mastered


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