Rhythm & Writing is a fun and effective program for parents, teachers, and therapists to teach their kids to write!! Read our recent testimonials:

"With eight years of teaching, I have never been able to think of a creative way to help my students learn letter recognition, formation and sound. I was extremely impressed with the handwriting techniques introduced in this program. My children learn to move and imitate various positions to create letters that are often difficult for this age group. To help compliment the reading curriculum, songs and rhymes are used to help students remember how to write the letters. With this unique teaching strategy, I noticed that my students were eager to write daily which improved their language development."

- M. Cox, Kindergarten Teacher

"Last school year (2017) I was given the wonderful opportunity to use Ms. Nikki’s program in my Kindergarten Class. I like the Pre-and Post-Assessments for comparing writing growth. The daily writing and rhythm exercises became a part of my class routine. When the students heard the music playing, they knew it was writing time and they would begin to sing along. The correct form of each letter was not limited to just the book but carried over into their daily writing in journals, classwork as well as homework. Currently, I have about five students in my First Grade Class who were in Kindergarten with me and used the program. I noticed that my previous students writing was much better than the other students. I asked myself why? Then I remembered, “Rhythm and Writing with the Get Right Crew!” I am so grateful that my class participated in this program and I would recommend it to students beginning to write, as I witness it continues on, especially with practice."

- Mrs. Tidwell, First Grade Teacher

"I absolutely love your writing program! There are children whom I have worked with for 3 years that i became frustrated with because I ran out of ideas on how to get them to carry over handwriting skills without assistance. The very 1st day that they heard the music, I swear I saw that imaginary light bulb shine. They loved the music and so did their teacher. The next week when I came back, they remembered the steps to formulating the letters L, t, i because that music is amazing!! Just like that, progress! I will definitely continue to use your product with my students, clients, and children."

- Nathalie D., Occupational Therapist, Mother

"I like the format of your curriculum so much that We very well may be switching to it as our main handwriting curriculum. We have just recently found that my daughter has ADHD and Sensory issues and I am not convinced that our current curriculum (A Reason for Handwriting) is a great fit for her. At this point, I am holding out to see what the Occupational therapist recommends once we get started with them. If we do decide to switch to your book we will mention it further on the channel. It was a pleasure to review."

- Rachael Lorenz, Teacher


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